The Manual is Ready!!

We can now purchase an electronic (PDF) copy of the Anti-Poaching Manual! 50% of each sale will directly fund our training sessions.

Congratulations to Rory Young, Quora’s newest author!

Our partners at ALERT will be handling the book sales. Please follow the link to their page, given below. They have payment options listed on the bottom of the page.

Sponsor Anti-Poaching Unit Training – ALERT 
At last!! The first manual dedicated to anti-poaching is now available.
Written by Rory Young and Yakov Alekseyev, not only does it lay out a desperately needed clear, comprehensive and thorough approach, but finally the ranger in the field has a complete guide to refer to; from investigations, to pursuit, to apprehension, to prosecution and everything in between.
50% of all proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to fund anti-poaching unit training.

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About Chengeta Wildlife

Chengeta Wildlife supports and funds the training of wildlife protection teams in Africa.


Rangers and scouts are brave men who risk their lives to protect wildlife. They may face heavily armed poachers, sometimes ex-guerrilla fighters hired by ivory smuggling syndicates. These rangers  need to have the best training and anti-poaching strategy possible and that is what we provide.

Rory Young is an expert professional tracker with knowledge and practical ability gained over many years in the bush. Since his childhood, he has developed an amazing database of knowledge and skills and a highly developed intuition to become one of the best in his field. By looking at human tracks or “spoor” he can form a description of a person. Approximate height, weight, age, how fast they are traveling, if they are fit, when they were in the area and if they were carrying a load.  At times he can tell if they are carrying weapons. His training is highly sought after.

Young has formed an alliance with Jacob Alekseyev, an American living in Zambia. Alekseyev is a former Major and Federal Agent of the US Air Force, Office of Special Investigations. Together they have worked out a plan of action to stop poaching in the Zambezi River Valley.

  1. A poaching hot-spot is identified. Young and Alekseyev study the terrain and information on the area is gathered and analyzed. They form a plan specifically for that area. Young  schedules two weeks of intensive training with the wildlife protection teams that patrol the area.
  2. He spends eighteen hours a day training and patrolling with the teams. The strategy to stop poachers in the area is laid out for the teams in  detail.
  3. During the training period poachers are arrested when encountered. Young or one of the team members will be recording with a GoPro camera to document the training and wildlife. We will show select footage on our website.
  4. After the training session, the wildlife protection teams continue patrols using the new skills and strategy.

Board of Directors  

Sanjay Sabnani, Ben Fraser, Lisa Groeneweg, Rory Young

Board of Advisors

  • Christine Leigh Langtree – Australia,
  • Kyle Murao – USA
  • Nigella Rauben – South Africa
  • Usman Rafi – Pakistan
  • Xu Beixi – Singapore
  • Diana Cretu – Romania
  • William McCleary – USA
  • Kamuyu Mwai – Kenya
  • Liam Gorman – UK
  • Scott Danzig – USA
  • Marjet Young – Zambia