Who We Are

Our Vision

We dream of a world where ecosystems thrive, shared by communities and safeguarded by local wildlife protection solutions.

To provide locally led and lasting wildlife protection that recognises humans as part of the ecosystem. It is intelligently focused, competently and judicially applied, cost effective and harmonised with all other existing wildlife protection efforts.

The Chengeta Story

Co-founded by Rory Young in the wilds of Zimbabwe in 2012 after realising there was a critical need for well trained, interdisciplinary and competent rangers, Chengeta Wildlife now operates in the most challenging environments, with a particular focus on supporting leadership at every level, from governmental to middle-management, to ranger.

The Chengeta ‘Blueprint’ underpins successful law enforcement. It is an established and recognised method that has so far supported critical conservation work across the African continent.

We draw our model and values from decades of specialist experience, operating in high-pressure environments, driven by the firm determination to protect the natural world and build capacity at government-level and all the way to rangers in the field.

Our experienced team is proficient across the range of critical skills needed in law enforcement and are passionate about their work.

Our Expertise

Analytics & Systems Thinking

Our Big Picture integrates the natural world, institutions, organisations and communities that all form a part of the ecosystem. Analytical expertise (optimising and harnessing data) allows us to peel back these different layers to inform our multi-level approach. Our varied and complimentary backgrounds help us design interdisciplinary solutions that respond to critical landscape and national challenges.

Agility & Adaptability

We have extensive experience in adapting to fast changing conditions, both on the ground and within our operations. We know how to be flexible and adaptable, learnt from years in the field working in challenging environments and navigating complexity. Whether building ranger teams from scratch, providing equipment or delivering leadership courses, we ensure our methods are easy (and fun!) to learn, replicate and adapt to fast-changing environments.

Human Rights & Communities

We work within the context of recognised environmental and conservation legislative frameworks, making Human Rights a priority in law enforcement. The range of our mentoring extends from strengthening proactive and reactive protocols through to prosecution and judiciary capabilities.

Leadership & Teamwork

Key stakeholders in law enforcement and conservation range from environmental ministers to rangers on the ground: we work across all levels, from institutional to middle-management, to local. Leadership & teamwork are core components of our capacity work, and we have developed specialist leadership training courses focusing on ranger team leaders and organisation managers.

Capacity Building

Our expertise lies in building capacity at all levels, with people and within processes and procedures. We empower our partners to work with the same values and professionalism Chengeta upholds, and with the capacity to continue protecting the landscape after we step away.

The Chengeta Core Values

Humility & Humour

We want to learn from others, smile in adversity, and make it fun where we can. Humour and learning go hand in hand, and support our relentless pursuit for professional excellence.


We demonstrate and expect unwavering adherence to laws, Human Rights, the Ranger Code of Conduct and the provision of safe working environment. What we practice is what we teach.


Respect is at the foundation of all that we do: respecting human rights, law, communities, cultures and the nations we are supporting.


We rise stronger together. Wherever we work, we seek to cultivate teamwork and collaboration at every level. It’s about achieving long lasting conservation together.

Meet The Team

The Board

Alastair Macdonald


Businessman and lifelong conservationist since growing up in Zimbabwe.

Beckie Brocies


Our indefatigable treasurer – a bastion of governance, personnel management and financial support.

Roeland van de Geer


Career diplomat with extensive experience and currently active across Africa.

Dr Carolyn Jost Robinson


Anthropologist involved in guiding community, human rights and safeguards programmes.

Ronald Poetiray


Significant concepts and strategy background. Broad operational leadership experience across Africa, Asia and South America.

Josh Bowman


Actor and conservationist doing his part to protect what wildlife is left and connect others with nature.

David Lochhead


UN Development & Human Rights policy officer with exposure across East/ West/ Central Africa and Ukraine.

Dr Angiolo Laviziano


Business entrepreneur and strategist. Now committed full time to doing the right thing.

Matt Murphy


Leadership and Systems innovator with operational experience across West & Northern Africa and Central Asia.

The Team

Leadership and Strategy

Greg Murphy is our Chief Executive Officer.

Always innovating.

Operations, Leadership, Management

Anthony Coe is our Chief Operations Officer.

Always planning.

Communications Lead

Alice Péretié heads up our Communications.

Always creating.

Conservation Lead

Yoann G is our lead on Conservation.

Always exploring.

Technical Lead

Mat B is our Technical Training lead.

Always refining.

And Our Instructors.

Always committed and willing.

Always delivering results.