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Rory’s Legacy

The Chengeta Wildlife Story

Rory Young was the Co-Founder and CEO of Chengeta Wildlife. Rory’s passion for his work in the conservation of wildlife was inspirational, and his determination to protect some of the most beautiful places on this planet lives on in so many people who are dedicated to this same mission. You can read his story and our tribute to the incredible visionary and man he was by clicking the button below. His legacy lives on.

Media Coverage

Chengeta in the media

African Elephants May be Extinct by 2020

Poachers are dangerous. They sometimes arm themselves with machine guns, and their tactics are unpredictable — and brutal…

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Who Wants to Learn Some Eye-Opening and Disturbing Things About Elephants?

Elephants are the only mammals aside from humans to have something approximating a funeral when a family member dies…

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Mali’s Desert Elephants, on Edge of Annihilation, Get a Fighting Chance

Mali’s elephants, Africa’s northernmost herd and adapted to life in the country’s harsh desert…

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