Chengeta Wildlife

Our Mission

To support the protection of wildlife through locally led and lasting anti-poaching solutions.

Chengeta Wildlife

Chengeta Wildlife

Our Vision

To provide locally led and lasting wildlife protection that recognises humans as part of the ecosystem. It is intelligently focussed, competently and judicially applied, cost effective and harmonised with all other existing wildlife protection efforts.

Chengeta Wildlife

Chengeta Wildlife maintains a simple operating principle across five key pillars to support the protection of wildlife.

Chengeta wildlife operates in key areas in Africa to train rangers and empower communities to protect wildlife.

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Our Projects

Chengeta Wildlife is a wildlife protection charity delivering lasting anti-poaching solutions in the most challenging environments.

Latest News


World Gorilla Day 2021 – Western Lowland Gorillas

Chengeta actively operates in the Central African Republic’s Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas Complex. This protected area is one of the remaining strongholds of Western Lowland Gorillas.

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Communities Blueprint

Community engagement. Critically endangered forest elephants. Women empowerment. Youth integration. Unemployment. Health – and healthy forests. Pangolins, and the ever-growing scale trade.

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Pangolin in Tree

Protecting Pangolins

Maybe dragons really do exist, and perhaps more so in the form of a small and ancient creature. A shy and secretive mammal that humbly feeds on ants and termites, that adorns an armor of golden, bronze or gleaming black scales.

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Get involved with Chengeta Wildlife by supporting our work with a donation or creating your own fundraiser or volunteering your skills.

Who We Work With

In order for us to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness, we have forged partnerships with governmental entities and NGOs. Through our collaboration with WWF, Chengeta Wildlife has a permanent presence in the Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas Complex, Central African Republic. We have also provided in-situ support in Cameroon and Republic of Congo. In Mali, we partner with Mali Elephant Project and we are supported by the Elephant Crisis Fund in Mali and the Central African Republic. Each collaboration is designed and equipped to adapt and implement each stakeholders’ mission requirement.

We also work with Kinetic Six, Scent Imprint Conservation Dogs who trained our detection dogs Mitch & Bobby and The DM Lab who offer us digital support.