Supporting the protection of wildlife

Striving for a world where we’re no longer needed

We believe in long-lasting solutions for effective nature conservation

Chengeta means ‘to look after’ in Shona. We work to end poaching across the globe, building long-lasting solutions for protected areas at government, protected area management and ranger levels.

Our blueprint is locally led, harmonised with all other existing wildlife protection efforts, and recognises communities as part of the ecosystem.


Understanding the landscape and devising operational, tactical and strategic solutions.


Enabling, mentoring and developing local solutions.


Supporting the protection of wildlife and building capacity with communities.

How we work

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Our Partners

We wouldn’t be able to achieve anything without the trust and support of our fantastic partners. Collaboration in conservation is critical, and we believe and uphold this to our core. We work together, learn together, grow together and succeed together.

Thank you to our trusted partners and donors for their generous support, and thank you to those of you who work with us, encourage and help us.

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