Conservation Detection Dogs

Chengeta Wildlife’s training program combats wildlife trafficking and poaching by deploying fully trained detection dogs. Our dogs can detect wildlife contraband like ivory and pangolin scales as well as weapons and detonation devices.

Our conservation detection dogs are trained by our partners: Scent Imprint Conservation Dogs

Detection dogs, Mitch and Bobby, have worked protecting wildlife & wild places across our operations in Africa

We do it to save the wildlife and they do it for the love of their toy!

With their incredible sense of smell Mitch and Bobby have proved to be helpful partners to the anti-poaching units and help to prevent wildlife crime.

Sadly, our detection dog Mitch passed away after an eye infection in September 2021. Read our loving tribute to Mitch here.

Our Projects

Chengeta Wildlife is a wildlife protection charity delivering lasting anti-poaching solutions in the most challenging environments.


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