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Bryan Cockel explains how elephants use infrasound

“Infra” or low frequency sound are frequencies below 20 Hz, the threshold of average human hearing. Many animals – mostly large ones – use infrasound to communicate over long distances […]

09 December 2015
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Celebrating Two Years of Non-stop Action!

Rory Young, exactly two years ago I first messaged you asking if I could help your efforts to fight the explosion of poaching that was wiping out wildlife in Africa. You […]

26 November 2015
Africa Elephants Poaching Wildlife

Mother And Baby

I have become too accustomed to tragedy on my continent. I learned as a child that there is a switch that you can just flick on that will block out […]

23 November 2015
Africa Arrests Malawi Poaching

Live Ops Begin

From Rory: In ops somewhere in Africa.. A little surprise party being prepared for some unwanted visitors..We have begun making arrests and seizing weapons. Several separate successful ops. Here are […]

05 October 2015
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Josh Steps Up For African Wildlife

Rory Young and Josh Bowman inspired many attendees during their INBOUND15 interview. Those at the Hubspot event didn’t gain a great deal of marketing knowledge, but some said it was the most […]

13 September 2015
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New Video

I’m loading some of Rory Young’s video clips from our past training sessions. He may use some of these when he does his INBOUND15 interview/presentation in Boston next month. That […]

19 August 2015
Africa Ambush Arrests Elephants Malawi Poaching Rangers Rhino

Rory Goes Undercover

By Rory Young. My name is Boetie Van Niekerk, I am a South African professional hunter looking to buy ivory or rhino horn. I am arrogant, suspicious, and patronizing. I […]

01 August 2015
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World Ranger Day

To Rory Young and all Rangers who risk their lives to protect our wildlife and wild spaces, thank you for your hard work, dedication and courage. We especially honour the world’s […]

31 July 2015

Honey Badger vs. Ranger

A Burpee chin-up challenge has been thrown down! Take a look, friends! Hailing from Bern, Switzerland, standing at 5’6″, fighting weight 132 lbs, a young man of 23 years, coached […]

19 July 2015