Honey Badger vs. Ranger

A Burpee chin-up challenge has been thrown down! Take a look, friends!

Hailing from Bern, Switzerland, standing at 5’6″, fighting weight 132 lbs, a young man of 23 years, coached by the legendary Aaron Ellis. He’s been training for months folks. As a medical student, he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve. Our challenger: Bhavesh…”Doll Face”…AGGARWAL!!!!!


In the ranger’s corner hailing from the wilds of the African bush, standing at 6′, fighting weight more than 132lbs, 43 years old. He has been trained by adversity – he chews bullets for breakfast and takes down poachers at a rate of 81 arrests in 12 days. He’s been in training since his birth in Zambia. Accepting the challenge on behalf of those who protect wildlife everywhere: Rory…”Roarin’ Rory”…YOUNG!!!!


Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your champion
  • Make your pledge at: Back A Ranger to Save Wildlife
  • Leave a comment on this post stating your pick.
  • Everyone who predicts the winner accurately and places a pledge on the winning contestant will be featured in a video by Rory and Bhavesh

To make things more interesting we have added incentives to the crowdfunding campaign. These incentives also apply to pledges made on the burpee chin-up competition. These prizes will be awarded only if our campaign tips. Remember we lose the thousands already pledged if our campaign doesn’t reach the tipping point!

$500 donation – Skype call with Rory. Ask Rory a question related to his anti-poaching work or talk about the latest in bush wear or both. It’s up to the two of you what you discuss.

$250 contribution – Rory will record a video shout out to you from the bush to be uploaded to Chengeta Wildlife’s Youtube channel. Get your friends, family or co-workers to contribute small amounts towards the goal and get a group shout out!

$100 donation – An approved photo of you or your group will be added to the “Honorary Ranger” gallery on Chengeta Wildlife’s website.

Vote for the man you think will win the challenge in the comments. Those who pick the right gentleman will be featured in a video from Rory and Bhavesh. Videos of the burpee chin-up competition will be posted after our funding campaign ends on Thursday. Only 4 days left to pledge!

The battle of the decade has begun, ladies and gentlemen. On the one hand, we have experience, mental focus, and years of relentless training. On the other, we have an iron will, enthusiasm, and street cred. Both equipped with a killer instinct and a sense of purpose, this will be a face off for the title of the top badass. Who will it be? The honey badger born and bred in the concrete jungle, or the ranger raised in Mother Nature’s own cradle? Place your bets, folks!

Back a Ranger to Save Wildlife