malawi3opsMalawian ranger Kambanie Masamba and his fellow rangers arrested 81 poachers in just 2 weeks during our last training session. After their phenomenal success he sent the following message.

“You did your part and we did our part, once again thanks!”

The rangers risking their lives on the front line of the poaching war are adept and eager to learn. We have the training they need to do their job safely and successfully. We need you to bring our training to the rangers.
For each 30 day training session we pay for the following:
  • Vehicles and boats for anti-poaching operation
  • Fuel for vehicles
  • Daily rations for trainers and participants
  • Shelter for trainers and participants
  • Airfare and transportation for trainers to/from camp location
  • Trainer pay
  • Printed field guides and other education materials
  • Training supplies when needed: compasses, water bottles, radios
Rory Young, trainer and co-founder of Chengeta Wildlife, has appeared in National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Upworthy, Huffington PostNewsweek, Huffington Post, and again in Newsweek.

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