The Dawn of the Tusk

Neha Jha

I first met an Elephant when I was a young kid..
it was tied to chains.. near a pond..
I fed it leaves as it looked at me…
I still remember its eyes.

What makes an Elephant so special?

The scientists have compared the emotional intelligence of an Elephant to a child. They grieve for the loss of their loved ones just as we humans do.

It is saddening that for our ridiculous superficial wants we are on the verge of wiping off a majestic creature from the planet.

Is anybody doing anything?

How do they do it:

Rory Young has formed an alliance with Jacob Alekseyev, an American living in Zambia. Alekseyev is a former Major and Federal Agent of the US Air Force, Office of Special Investigations. Together they have worked out a plan of action to stop poaching in the Zambezi River Valley.


Website :

Terrorists are equipping poachers with state of the art weaponry. So, everyday is a struggle for men who are trying to save an elephant from being hunted down.

There are hundreds of people like me all over the globe that have lent a helping hand and have associated to raise a voice for the cause. Let’s not underestimate the power of a collective.
The Elephant crisis demands a global movement!

It is okay to look away but stupid to believe that they are a concern of only a particular nation and people.

Let’s spread the word.


Concept and Copy: Neha Jha
Editing and Design: Gaurav Joshi