Rory Young

Safely out of Zimbabwe

  To say that I am relieved to see my family safe and sound in …… would be a great understatement. I can now explain the main reason for us leaving Zimbabwe.. On my way to do further training of Zimbabwe Republic Police and scouts in the Nyaminyami area I received a message from a […]

Chengeta in NatGeo

Originally posted in National Geographic as Drones Can Curb Poaching, But They’re Much Costlier Than Alternatives Written by Patricia Raxter and Rory Young Across the globe poaching and wildlife crime are decimating species, from charismatic megafauna like African elephants and rhinos to small and adorable pangolins to brightly colored parrots. An estimated 100,000 African elephants […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

The good. Rory Young will be coming to the US in September to speak before a crowd of 10,000 in Boston. We are also trying to arrange a TEDxBoston talk for him when he is here.  The speaking engagement was arranged by board member Joe Chernov. I plan to be there to meet Joe, Rory […]

Black Mamba Morning

Written by Rory Young Interesting morning. We captured a poacher (2nd from left in the picture) and then just after taking the picture walked into a Black Mamba. The first two rangers and the poacher walked past it and then it came out of the grass and chased me and the ranger on the right […]

Just Getting Started

Written by Rory Young – Keep watching this space… Forty four arrests in last twenty four hours! And fifty five in the last forty eight! That has to be some sort of record… In the beautiful National Reserve where I am currently doing in ops training of Malawi DNPW rangers we are trying to make as big of […]

Stunning Success

Written by Rory Young – These thirty-odd men have just finished making 33 arrests during the in-operation portion of their advanced anti poaching and anti trafficking training organized and funded by and in Liwonde National Park in Malawi. To put that in perspective, they have made the same number of arrests of poachers and […]

Hello Mr. Poacher…

Rory Young shared this photo of a poacher’s tracks. Just to prove that I have been paying attention to Rory’s tracking lessons, I will tell you what I can about the person who made the tracks. From the large size I think that a man left these prints. Also male because the toes are close […]

#TBT – Lightning Strikes!

Rory Young – I guess for the last year my “go-to story” has sort of followed me around as everyone heard about it and wanted to hear it first hand, maybe see if I was psychic or glowing.. Central Africa has the highest incidence of lightning strikes in the world  and I have spent most […]