From Rory Before He Trains In Guinea

Rory Young – I’m off to Guinea tomorrow for six weeks to conduct wildlife protection courses for parks and military personnel.

Yes, I know Guinea is an “Ebola country”. The work has been organized by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and all precautions will be taken. I will not be going near any sick people and will be monitored daily by the government health department on my return.roryfamily
The work is important. It needs to be done. I will not be taking unnecessary risks. Thank you to all Chengeta Wildlife and Lion Alert supporters for your support and thank you to my beautiful family for sacrificing your husband and father for yet another long, worrying time.
Unfortunately I will not have internet access, so I apologise in advance for not responding to messages and emails. However, I will be in regular phone/satphone contact with Marjet if there is anything urgent.
Peace, love and happiness to you all!