Photo from Rory Young, currently in Malawi


mal9This photo is tough to see, but it should strengthen our resolve. We have funded the training in Malawi to stop this and it is working. Rory and the Malawian rangers are apprehending the bastards that set those snares.


Rory does the dangerous physical work in the bush, but he also meets with high level government officials to explain our doctrine and training.

He is in the bush for 3 weeks for this training session, away from his wife and two young children, missing the first day of school for his kids this year. Three weeks must seem like forever to those two little ones.

He will only accept a subsistence wage from Chengeta to make our funding stretch as far as possible even though he is worth 10x that rate.

Marjet, Rory’s wife, is back home doing her budget stretching. She is often called on to help Chengeta too. Right now she is having Chengeta t-shirts printed for the Malawi rangers receiving our training.

Just wanted to take a moment to recognize the sacrifices that Rory and his young family are making to do this work.