Female AP Rangers

Here are three of the anti poaching rangers participating in the advanced wildlife protection in ops training taking place in Liwonde National Park.roryfemales

The training is funded and organized by Chengeta Wildlife and ALERT under the auspices of the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

One of these ladies is giving the men a run for their money in terms of physical fitness, able to perform more pull ups, sit ups and push ups than many of the men. All of these women are hard workers and are showing admirable dedication. This training is tough and the operations are exhausting and often dangerous.

Women can and do play a crucial role in all aspects of operations, including under cover work, tracking, apprehension and everything else. In many areas they are more adept than men and provide valuable and different insights and perspectives.

They are treated as equals and with respect by the men and are fiercely proud of what they do. The men are also very proud of them.

I will try to keep the short updates and non security sensitive insights coming.

Thank you for your continued support.

Rory Young