E is for Elephant – Eeeeeee! is for Ellen

Yippee! Ellen Vrana has pledged to match the next $10,000 donations to Chengeta Wildlife! An anonymous donor will also match the next $10k and William Mccleary will match the next $2,000!

If you donate $100, Ellen + $100, Anon + $100 and William + $100 = $400

Ben Fraser has donated the first $100 eligible for the matching funds offer, taking us from $5,581 to $5,981. Thanks Ben.

I’ll calculate the matching funds each evening and update the progress bar. I can’t wait to see the results!

EDIT: Vishwanath Ram and Melissa Stroud just donated $50! Woot woot!

This is what it is all about.facebook cover8

And this…Eles-in-Matusadona