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“I am so impressed by the courage and dedication of the rangers who, every day, risk their lives to protect…It is so important that we make the rangers feel that they’re valued”, Dr Jane Goodall.
A ranger’s work is hard and dangerous as they watch over some of the most endangered wildlife on the planet, such as the pangolin, gorillas, elephants and rhinos. These animals are regularly targeted by poachers for the illegal wildlife trade and brave rangers do their utmost to protect them while sometimes paying the ultimate price with their lives.

Chengeta’s focus on training rangers is at the forefront of our work and YOU can help the men and women on the frontline of wildlife conservation by donating to our latest fundraiser to: “POWER THE RANGERS” to raise $30,000 to enable us to continue our work pioneering range training to save wildlife which will benefit rangers in Mali and the Central African Republic.

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Rangers fall under many guises – they might be forest guards, ecoguards and field enforcement officers but they all share a common aim: to protect the world’s wildlife and its biodiversity.

But, more than 128 rangers died on duty in 2017 and many more were injured, according to a report by the International Ranger Federation (IRF). Rangers face daily dangers with poachers and insurgents a very real risk to life with many of them working in Africa, in conflict areas.

Governments often lack the resources and specialised knowledge to train rangers but Chengeta’s RESPECT methodology supports the law enforcement agencies and gives rangers in the field the training they need to help protect wildlife.

Pioneering an intelligence-driven approach to anti-poaching to save wildlife

Chengeta's actions focus on advocating for rangers and the need for increased professionalism in their work and on-the-job training. We pioneer an intelligence-driven approach to anti-poaching. We equip rangers with the proactive and reactive investigations, apprehension and tracking-pursuit skills they need to anticipate, locate and apprehend poachers.
We train locals so they are able to pass on future training, such as national park staff in-country, usually in the protected areas in which they are based. Thanks to our training they can operate more effectively while staying safe.
In addition to delivering the anti-poaching training, Chengeta identify partners to deploy essential community engagement and development programs in the areas where we work. But we can’t do it alone.

Today, on World Elephant Day,
the rangers need you!

Elephants are a keystone species and Chengeta trains rangers to protect the forest elephants in Central African Republic and the desert elephants in Mali.

We celebrate elephants today and everyday as we recognise how these gardeners of the forest protect the biodiversity of the landscape.

Please support the rangers who work hard in inhospitable places to protect the elephants we love so much. You can help rangers protect elephants here

You can directly support brave rangers and help the wildlife they protect

Our frontline field projects help rangers get the training, resources and infrastructure they need to stop wildlife crime.
When you donate to the Power the Rangers project, your contribution will help support Chengeta’s ranger trainers to share the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable anti-poaching units to maintain and perfect competencies after trainers have departed. This empowers rangers and allows them to sustain and grow their overall effectiveness, building programs that endure over time.
Your support at this critical time for wildlife is vital. Out trainers are out in the field right now empowering rangers to protect endangered species.
Please give generously if you can and share with friends to help us reach our $30,000 target! 
Thank you for your incredible support – we’re truly grateful.
Rory Young and the Chengeta Wildlife team
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