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From Rory Before He Trains In Guinea

Rory Young – I’m off to Guinea tomorrow for six weeks to conduct wildlife protection courses for parks and military personnel. Yes, I know Guinea is an “Ebola country”. The […]

06 November 2014
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Anti-poaching Podcast featuring Rory Young.

In this fascinating interview Rory explains the devastation caused by poaching in the many African countries he has visited this year. He also reveals what he and the rangers are doing […]

31 October 2014
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Rory Young’s Take on The Malawi Success.

Post by Rory Young, No high technology here – there isn’t the money – the key is rangers’ skills in investigations, intel gathering, planning and dogged pursuit and apprehension.. Let’s […]

06 October 2014

PRESS RELEASE – Malawi Anti-poaching Training.

Across Africa the scourge that is poaching is removing natural resources at an unprecedented rate. The southern African nation of Malawi is no exception to the hugely negative impacts of […]

06 October 2014
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Photo from Rory Young, currently in Malawi

  This photo is tough to see, but it should strengthen our resolve. We have funded the training in Malawi to stop this and it is working. Rory and the […]

12 September 2014
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Pres. S.A. Tweets CW!

Edna Molewa is the acting president of South Africa while President Jacob Zuma is attending the US – Africa Leaders Summit. She is South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs. The True […]

05 August 2014
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A Graphic Gift!

A huge THANK YOU to Joe Chernov, Robin Richards and Leslie Bradshaw for creating the infographic below for Rory Young and Chengeta Wildlife! Please share our new infographic with any […]

27 July 2014

The Manual is Ready!!

We can now purchase an electronic (PDF) copy of the Anti-Poaching Manual! 50% of each sale will directly fund our training sessions. Congratulations to Rory Young, Quora’s newest author! Our partners at […]

18 July 2014


Teacher, “And what would you like to be in ten years’ time, Ronnie?” Ronnie the rhino, “Not extinct.” Cartoonist –Dr. Jack  

18 July 2014
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Big Thanks, Ellen Vrana

You did wonders and really saved the day for us Ellen, through the very large donation that you and Mike made and through your efforts to gather support for Chengeta. […]

01 July 2014