Injury Update

Rory Young – The doctors removed a number of glass shards from the ranger’s eyes, but he is expected to fully recover.

02 March 2015
Ambush Arrests News Poaching

Rangers Ambushed

After making arrests in a notorious poaching base last night we ran into a series of ambushes quickly set up by digging trenches and throwing logs across the road. Several hundred […]

02 March 2015

Female AP Rangers

Here are three of the anti poaching rangers participating in the advanced wildlife protection in ops training taking place in Liwonde National Park. The training is funded and organized by […]

25 February 2015

More From Malawi

Rain rain rain. Mud mud mud. More rain, more mud. This is going to be a slippery affair! Home base for the next 30 days.   My roommate. A nice […]

24 February 2015

From Rory in Malawi

I recently arrived in Liwonde National Park in Southern Malawi. I am here to train 30 experienced anti poaching officers in advanced anti poaching operations for 30 days. The training […]

24 February 2015

Check out our funding campaign!

End of Day 5 – 56 Backers and $6,710! Thanks to everyone who donated or shared our campaign! Alastair Macdonald Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Joyce Crompvoets Gigi and Conrad CP Leentjes […]

15 December 2014
Elephants Poaching Quote Wildlife

Rich Crush the Poor Under Their Heels

Elephants are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers and if it continues experts predict they will be extinct in the wild within 20 years. They are killed for their ivory tusks. This ivory isn’t […]

14 December 2014
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Rory Young Gives an Update From Guinea

Another busy day in the lecture room at Sidokoro, Parc National de Haut Niger, Guinea. The theory phase has been amazing. From Director General level down to AP team leaders, […]

23 November 2014
News Poaching Wildlife

What will prevent future outbreaks of Ebola?

Written by Rory Young A few people have gathered in Guinea to do something that doesn’t make big headlines and costs very little, yet is the most obvious way to […]

13 November 2014
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From Rory Before He Trains In Guinea

Rory Young – I’m off to Guinea tomorrow for six weeks to conduct wildlife protection courses for parks and military personnel. Yes, I know Guinea is an “Ebola country”. The […]

06 November 2014