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Tegan – Wildlife Hero

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Recently we received an email from Tegan’s mum letting us know nine year old Tegan wished to raise funds for Chengeta using JustGiving, a website which allows individuals to create a fundraising campaign for their chosen charity. We registered Chengeta on JustGiving and Tegan set to work.

She created her campaign page on JustGiving and notified her family and friends she wished for donations to help wildlife instead of gifts for Christmas and her birthday on December 26th. Her goal was £500. Tegan donated her own savings and inspired 32 donations worth £645.46 or USD $762.13!

Thank you Tegan! Your selfless work will save lots of wildlife. You are a hero and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and birthday!

View Tegan’s fundraiser or start your own on


LisaTegan – Wildlife Hero

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