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Written by Bhavesh Aggarwal
So as you know, Rory Young and his family relocated from Zimbabwe, because the government wasn’t too happy with him doing the right thing.

The Youngs happened to be travelling through Switzerland. And whom should they happen to grace with a visit?
That’s right, yours truly.

For the ‘pics, or didn’t happen’ crowd:

No no, he is smiling. Really!

It was a fun forenoon. I got to meet Rory, Marjet (his wife), and their children Astrid and Aidan. We talked together while enjoying a drink. Rory treated me to ice tea. That’s as good a way to buy my friendship as any.

As you might know, I am kinda into fitness. So is Rory, seeing how he needs to be fit as a professional wildlife ranger. We allowed ourselves some shenanigans at the local pull-up bar. (More on that later)

I am super grateful I got to meet this wild bunch, especially the kids. They’re a riot!

It’s okay to laugh. I know I am not photogenic. But aren’t the kids adorable?

chengetawildlife@gmail.comYoungs Visit Supporter.

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