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Anti-poaching Podcast featuring Rory Young.

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In this fascinating interview Rory explains the devastation caused by poaching in the many African countries he has visited this year. He also reveals what he and the rangers are doing to stop poaching.

In the final minutes he discusses the time he was shot at when crossing from Central African Republic into Cameroon.

Give it a listen over the weekend. The sound quality is a bit rough for short periods, but recovers quickly.

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Marjet YoungAnti-poaching Podcast featuring Rory Young.

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  • Djai True Kirk - November 10, 2014 reply

    Very provocative… How many languages do you speak Rory? We are interrested in bringing awareness to this horrific rape of wildlife resources and the dangerous impact it is having on Earth’s ecology.

    We commend you for your dedication to this heroic cause, and are deeply moved by your efforts to protect and preserve the balance of our ecology. The endangerment of all living creatures is so delicately balanced, and it is imperative that we keep these vital issues in the forefront of this generation.

    Kudos to your and your rangers!

    We look forward to sharing your information on our site.

    God Bless each of you and your families,

    Djai True-Kirk

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