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Over $9,000 Pledged!

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Yikes! We are counting down by hours now! It would be painful to lose $9k in pledges, but I don’t have any tricks left up my sleeve. I’ve contacted everyone on my list. I want to thank everyone who has pledged and worked to spread the word about our funding campaign, you rock!

Marjet Young shared this video of “Papa” Rory Young with his munchkins during the visit with Bhavesh in Switzerland.
Astrid owns that bar! So cute.

So far the votes on the Honey Badger vs. Ranger Contest are leaning towards Bhavesh. Anyone else care to record your opinion in the comments below? Bhavesh has posted more about the contest on his Quora blog: Rory Young vs Bhavesh Aggarwal

We are having fun with the contest, but our work on the ground is very serious as you can see in the video below.

Previously shared video.

Keep sharing the campaign, it’s not over until the fat lady sings and I’m not even warming up my voice! 😉

Back a Ranger to Save Wildlife

LisaOver $9,000 Pledged!

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