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Training an army to save the African elephant from illegal poachers

Young said that by the end of 2014 he will have trained more than 150 team members on anti-poaching procedures. “Both the African elephant and the more endangered Forest elephant can both be saved and their numbers increased again, but only if we move immediately and decisively,” he said.

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African Elephants May Be Extinct By 2020

Poachers are dangerous. They sometimes arm themselves with machine guns, and their tactics are unpredictable — and brutal. Sometimes elephants are shot, but they are also trapped with snares and poisoned. Last year, for instance, poachers in Zimbabwe killed more than 300 elephants by lacing waterholes in Hwange National Park with cyanide.

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How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control?

What is really missing and is really needed in this struggle is a comprehensive, intelligent, and pragmatic doctrine that addresses all the problems and offers objective and inexpensive solutions, preferably using existing local resources and personnel.

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Who Wants To Learn Some Eye-Opening And Disturbing Things About Elephants?

Elephants are the only mammals aside from humans to have something approximating a funeral when a family member dies. They try to heal them, they comfort them, then they often have a rudimentary burial. Which brings me to the important part.

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