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African Elephants May Be Extinct By 2020

Poachers are dangerous. They sometimes arm themselves with machine guns, and their tactics are unpredictable — and brutal. Sometimes elephants are shot, but they are also trapped with snares and poisoned. Last year, for instance, poachers in Zimbabwe killed more than 300 elephants by lacing waterholes in Hwange National Park with cyanide.

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To save elephants, Mali employs Dutch dogs

In an effort to save one of Africa’s last desert elephant herds, Mali has employed Mitch, Bobby and Amy – Dutch spaniels with a nose for sniffing out illegal ivory.

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Mali’s Desert Elephants, on Edge of Annihilation, Get a Fighting Chance

Mali’s elephants, Africa’s northernmost herd and adapted to life in the country’s harsh desert, were in desperate need of protection.

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Humans And Canines Saving Mali’s Desert Elephant

Nigel Kuhn and Rory Young of Chengeta Wildlife offer advanced anti-poaching ranger training around the world. Nigel tells us how their contribution has seen the total cessation in desert elephant poaching in Mali.

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Rory Young jaagt op stropers

An interesting piece on Dutch tv.

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A brilliant project has kept Elephants safe from Poaching in Mali for over 9 months

In January 2016, Susan Canney, director of the Mali Elephant Project, predicted all of Mali’s elephants would be killed within three years if poaching continued unabated.

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How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control?

What is really missing and is really needed in this struggle is a comprehensive, intelligent, and pragmatic doctrine that addresses all the problems and offers objective and inexpensive solutions, preferably using existing local resources and personnel.

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Who Wants To Learn Some Eye-Opening And Disturbing Things About Elephants?

Elephants are the only mammals aside from humans to have something approximating a funeral when a family member dies. They try to heal them, they comfort them, then they often have a rudimentary burial. Which brings me to the important part.

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