Chengeta Wildlife began with one simple idea; that a small group of people, with open minds, a dynamic strategy and a BELIEF could make a difference to the future of Africa’s elephants.

We were right; we can, and we did.


…it wasn’t a small group of people that believed; it was an ARMY.

An ARMY of others AROUND THE WORLD brave enough to believe in a different approach conservation. A way that was fast, dynamic and open-minded. That leveraged the best practices of multiple disciplines. That built on the strength of the community and its leader’s.

An ARMY of KINDNESS that believed the local African communities were NOT ignorant, or lazy, or uncaring – they just need training, guidance, and support.

Two powerful forces emerged, both invested in the same outcome; local COMMUNITIES and US.

Chengeta Wildlife became the stitching that brought those two bold beliefs together.

Since inception, Chengeta Wildlife has run on the support and donations of the individuals that made up that ARMY OF BELIEVERS.

It started with a trickle…$5 a month from a 3rd-grade class in Ohio

…then $21 a month from a stay-at-home mother in Leeds…

…$109 a month from a retiree in France…and on and on and on.


They are at the root of every success we have in the field; every elephant saved, every ranger trained, every backpack supplied and every water bottle filled.

Our work is making a difference.

YOU are making a difference.

JOIN THE KIND ARM and support our work in whatever amount you are able

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