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Final Week!


Check out our lovely progress bar. We have hit the sweet spot for sharing.
The dynamite is all in place, ready to be lit.

Back a Ranger To Save Wildlife

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Now is the time to share the campaign, call, message or email your peeps. We all tend to ignore mailing lists and it’s easy to ignore a Facebook post, but we pay attention when a friend contacts us one-on-one. Tell our story, and ASK for their support. Small donations add up, even if someone can only donate $10, they’re still making a difference.  Let them know that if we don’t reach our tipping point we won’t receive the thousands we’ve earned so far!

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StartSomeGood has added our campaign on their main page. As you can see need $11,443 to reach our tipping point. We have raised that much in 2 days in our previous campaigns and I’m not referring to large donations from the lovely Ellen and Mr. Vrana. We have raised that much in many smaller donations added together.

I received the following note from Helen R. who works as a grant writer for a nonprofit. What you and the rest of the Chengeta Wildlife team of volunteers are doing is amazing and goes to show what hard work and sheer bloody-minded determination can achieve!”.

What we, a bunch of people from around the world who have never met, are doing is extraordinary! You, me, Rory, and many others, we’ve all brought Chengeta this far. Let’s keep it rolling!

Back a Ranger to Save Wildlife

LisaFinal Week!

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  • carole bowman - July 18, 2015 reply

    Hi Guys,

    Trying to donate but looks like site is only set up for US market …..Am spreading the word here in UK but can’t seem to donate via the wesite unless you live in US as it only recognises US addresses…

    Many Thanks
    Carole Bowman

    Lisa Groeneweg - July 19, 2015 reply

    Thanks Carole, we accept donations through Paypal, which most in the UK have been using to donate, or via wire transfer directly to our bank. Details are here:

    Bank Name: US Bank
    Bank Address: 1321 Main ST, Rock Valley, IA 51247
    Swift Code: USBKUS44IMT
    Routing Number: 073000545
    Account Name: Chengeta Wildlife
    Account Number: 196455779393
    Chengeta Wildlife Address: 1110 10th Ave, Rock Valley, IA 51247

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