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Campaign is Live!

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Woohoo! Our campaign has launched: Back A Ranger to Save Wildlife

This is what our crowdfunding site has to say about starting a strong campaign: You never saw a busker with an empty hat, did you? So line up a team of initial supporters to pledge the minute your campaign goes live. Campaigns that receive substantial pledges on the first day and first week of launching have an extremely high success rate. And the corollary is also true: those campaigns that don’t receive support in the first week almost never succeed. 

If you plan to donate to the campaign, please do it now. It doesn’t need to be a large donation, even $5 will make a difference. People who are learning about Chengeta for the first time will look at the number of supporters as well as the total dollars donated.

We need you! Even if you can’t donate please share our campaign. Some sample share messages:

Twitter: Our project just went live! Help us win. We only receive funds if we meet our goal! Back A Ranger to Save Wildlife

Facebook: Our project just went live! Check it out, share with your friends and contribute if you can so we can win! We only receive funds if we meet our goal: Back A Ranger to Save Wildlife
A board member is providing more incentive gifts this time:

  • Cute elephant cookie cutters.
  • Zimbabwe carved wooden keychains.
  • 8 Gig flash drives.
  • Messenger bags.
  • Framed prints of Remrov’s Rhino drawing (high resolution).


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LisaCampaign is Live!

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