Anti-Poaching Manual

This field manual is capable of transforming the fight against poaching dramatically

Rory Young

A Field Manual for Anti-Poaching Activities, written by Rory Young and Yakov Alekseyev, contains the most comprehensive and pragmatic approach ever devised for tackling the ever-growing threat of poaching.

For every digital copy purchased, we will provide four printed copies to anti-poaching units working in the field.

The manual describes the advanced anti-poaching doctrine developed by the authors, and taught to rangers and wildlife professionals receiving Chengeta Wildlife trainings.

Members of the public can purchase digital copies of the manual for $20 using the link below. We also provide free copies to those working on anti-poaching activities. If you represent such a group, contact us at [email protected] for a free digital copy.

Chengeta Wildlife hosts the sale of this manual on its website, as the authors kindly donate 50% of the proceeds of each purchase to support our work.

The manual was translated into French by ChloƩ Dusaussoy, funded by the European Commission under a project of The United Nations Office for Project Services. The French version of the manual has already been provided to rangers in Guinea, who have used it and the training we gave to make unprecedented progress against poaching in their country.

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