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How People Around the World Contribute

The cyanide poisoning of wildlife in Zimbabwe was a turning point, where the horror and destruction sweeping through the continent could no longer be ignored by ordinary people like myself.

Jenny, UK

People from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe have donated their time, skills and money to support Chengeta Wildlife. We are grateful to them all – here are some examples:

Wouter, Netherlands
Wouter, Netherlands – Travelled to Zimbabwe, filmed Rory Young leading wildlife tracking and reconnaissance and created professional videos from the resulting footage
Remrov, Canada
Created a beautiful photo-realistic drawing that sold for $1,500 and donated a quarter of the proceeds
Joe, Robin and Leslie, USA
Created and published a hard-hitting infographic that directly lead to publicity in Yahoo! News and the Huffington Post
Jenny, UK
Co-manages our Facebook Page, fundraises in person and through her blog - raised $3,000 in 2015 alone - and regularly presents to schools and international service organizations
Sharon, UK
Gives Reiki treatments
Liselot, Netherlands - 10 years old
Sold homemade cupcakes and keychains door-to-door, and gave a slide presentation at her school
Kai, India
Created a mobile app
Ben, USA
Created a customized permaculture plan
Ellen, UK
Made a matched donation of $10,000
Kai, USA
Hosted an evening at a museum
Judith, Germany
Donated language lessons
Graeme, UK
Wrote a short story valued at $1,000
Meggie, USA
Wrote and performed a song for our successful fundraising video
Beixi, Singapore
Donated pencil sketches for Chengeta Wildlife to give as fundraiser gifts and to auction - raised up to $500 each
Annette, UK
Sells handmade jewelry
Mikaela, UK
Ran a sponsored 10k off-road ‘Wolf Run’
Mark, Bali
Shaved his head and challenged his thousands of friends to do the same for a $100 donation
Many of our supporters
regularly write and publish to help raise awareness and funds in support of our work. Hundreds more from all over the world generously make monthly donations.

How could you contribute?


We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help us reach our goals. We would particularly welcome help with the following:

    • Social media posting and content management
    • Writing case studies based on information gathered in the field
    • Compiling newsletters
    • Video and photo editing
    • Grant-writing
    • Crowdfunding
    • Translation (English-French)
    • Journalism: drafting articles and press releases, conducting press outreach and securing coverage, helping spread the word in print/video/audio media

If any of these spark your interest, we would love to hear from you

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[email protected]Many of our supporters