Chengeta Wildlife provides effective and relevant anti-poaching training to wildlife protection units all over Africa

The organization was established to directly support anti-poaching efforts on the ground in Africa, as a result of a wave of support for wildlife expert and professional guide, Rory Young.

In consultation with experts in investigations, special operations, law enforcement and more, Young developed a new approach to combatting poaching.

Conventional anti-poaching methods are borrowed from military and other sources. Poachers, though often skilled fighters, do not conduct military campaigns and are highly adept at evading detection: Conventional military practices do not apply.

A comprehensive doctrine was developed specifically for the complex and organized crime that poaching is, that addresses all its facets with effective, objective and inexpensive solutions.

This doctrine is what Chengeta Wildlife teaches, and is explained in A Field Manual for Anti-Poaching Activities.

Training is conducted within local and international laws and is adapted to suit local conditions and sensitivities. The doctrine is easily harmonized with standard operating procedures, local laws and organizational structures.

Chengeta Wildlife is registered in 2 countries:
USA: Chengeta Wildlife was incorporated here in February 2014.
Donations are tax deductible as allowable in the US.
We are an approved 501(c)(3) organization. EIN 46-5485977
The Netherlands: Stichting Chengeta Wildlife Benelux was registered here in June 2018. KvK 71803726

Our Approach

We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between man and nature through a philosophy of RESPECT.


We are working towards this overall goal through our current programs and by building partnerships to implement others. Together, these are:


Rules, laws and regulations: Ensuring that the necessary laws and penalties are in place, that prosecutors have the knowledge and means to prosecute and that magistrates and judges fulfil their functions.


Education and outreach to ensure that the current generation and the next are aware of the need to conserve wildlife and protected areas.


Social pressure to deter and prevent wildlife crime: Working through traditional and religious leaders to positively influence local behavior.


Policing: Ensuring that rangers have the knowledge and skills to stop and deter poaching and trafficking.


Economic incentives and community engagement to reduce poaching : Working with dedicated partners to assist the most vulnerable groups in and around protected areas.


Community of man and nature: Building a harmonious relationship between communities and protected areas by resolving human-wildlife conflict.


Tools, technology and infrastructure: From providing essential equipment to rangers, to training in how to repair broken fences, to planning road networks in and around parks to best serve anti-poaching activities.

100% of individual donations so far have gone to support our work in the field

How We Work

Chengeta Wildlife’s work is based on a comprehensive doctrine specifically developed to tackle poaching as a whole, from every angle and at every step of the process.

We pioneer an intelligence-driven approach to anti-poaching: We equip rangers with the proactive and reactive investigations, apprehension and tracking-pursuit skills they need to anticipate, locate and apprehend poachers.

We train locals able to pass on future training – national park staff in-country, usually in the protected areas in which they are based. Thanks to our training they can operate more effectively while staying safe.

We fundraise for and deliver training of anti-poaching units in the field.

Chengeta Wildlife strives to  impart the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable anti-poaching units to maintain and perfect competencies after trainers have departed. This allows rangers to sustain and grow their overall effectiveness, building programs that endure over time.

In addition to delivering the anti-poaching training, we identify partners to deploy essential community engagement and development programs in the areas where we work.

Our Team

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Our USA Board Members

Rory Young

Rory Young Co-founder and President

Zambian born, Pro Guide, Ranger, Anti-poaching Strategist/Trainer, Author. Rory is an expert tracker with amazing knowledge, skills and highly developed intuition to become one of the best in his field. He has dedicated his life to wildlife protection and he co-authored, A Field Manual For Anti-Poaching Activities, a guide that provides workable solutions to poaching.

Alastair J. Macdonald Chairman

Alastair is an ex-safari guide, born and raised in Zimbabwe. He is currently based in the USA with his wife and two children. He is the owner of Parallax Consulting and producer of the economic and market forecasting service The Parallax Report. He has served as adviser to state governors and legislators on social and

Kristen Nightingale

Kristen Kurczak Nightingale Director

With extensive experience working on conservation and agricultural development issues in Africa, Kristen has held leadership roles and advised clients in the UN System, the World Bank Group, multinational corporations, investment firms, and environmental NGOs. She is the Founder and Principal of Nightingale & Company.

Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman Director

Josh Bowman is a British Television and Film actor and producer. Over the last few years Josh has become a big advocate for wildlife conservation and in particular anti-poaching in Africa. As an actor I have a voice. It would be inconsiderate and lazy not to lend it to such a worthy cause. Animals dont have the luxury of a voice- they are defenceless. Therefore it is our duty to help them.

Ben Fraser

Ben Fraser Secretary

Ben is a multidisciplinary social scientist with over 15 years’ experience in non-profits. His academic achievements include Baccalaureates in both Geography and Sustainable Urban Ecosystems. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning while leveraging his expertise in GIS/RS to create satellite image-enhanced maps for use during Chengeta Wildlife’s trainings.

Joe Chernov

Joe Chernov Director

Joe Chernov is an award-winning marketer and popular blogger. He also makes time to contribute to conservation-related causes, first by co-producing “Shark Attack,” one of the Web’s most popular infographics, and more recently “The True Cost of Ivory Trinkets,” which brought him in contact with Chengeta Wildlife.

Our Trainers

Nigel Kuhn Trainer

Nigel is a former soldier and wildlife guide photographer, film maker and conservation educator. Since 2007 he has dedicated his life to conservation and education, photography and film making. He now combines his skill sets in soldiering, photography and wildlife knowledge during training of the frontline of Africa’s wildlife defenders. This all, enabling them to

Franck Cunniet Trainer

Franck spent 25 years in the French Army where he participated in several missions abroad in partnership with the local authorities to arrest poachers in their park. This experience got him to devote his time and use his military knowledge and love of wildlife to conservation after he finished his military career in 2007. For

Yoann Galeran Trainer

Yoann is French born. Through his experience, he has lived with diverse ethnic groups in all 5 continents which included 10 years with Australian Aboriginal and has diverse multicultural experience. He specialises in linking ancient traditions, people and biodiversity. It’s natural that he’s become involved in anti poaching, as he believes the key for a

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